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ActivTapp Side Faucet

ActivTapp Side Faucet, Ozone Faucet,

Delivers cold ozone water on demand.

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ActivTapp 3-Way Faucet

ActivTapp 3way Faucet, ozone water, ozone faucet

Delivers Hot, Cold & Ozone Water on demand.  Watch Video

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Portable Ozone Generator

Portable Ozone generator, ozone water, bubble stone

Portable High Quality 600mg/h 110V Ozone Generator produces a natural, powerful disinfectant in just minutes.


Small Commercial Unit


The CIP20 is a compact, plug-and-play system that delivers dissolved ozone for a variety of disinfection and odor control applications. Use for surface sanitation, wineries, breweries, hydroponics, to fishing vessels, and water features. 

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