Ozone Water: Nature's safest, most powerful disinfectant

Organically Promotes Health & Wellness

Safe - Effective - Chemical FREE


  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and spores
  • Destroys biofilm on surface areas and foods
  • 50% stronger and disinfects 3000x faster than chlorine
  • Leaves no residue and is organic
  • 100% safe, all natural and biodegradable
  • FDA, USDA Organic, & EPA  Approved

Ozone Water Benefits


  • Injuries heal faster: cuts, wounds, sprains & bruises
  • Improved dental health
  • Helps prevent colds & flu
  • Crisper and tastier fruits and vegetables
  • Seafood stays fresh and odor free longer
  • Extends shelf  life of food
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals used
  • Reduces exposure to chemicals

Personal Hygiene for People and Pets


  •  Skin Conditions, rash, and Hot Spots
  • Hand & Body Wash
  • Disinfect Teeth & Gums and kills bad breath odors
  • Prevents plaque & gingivitis
  • Wounds: Promotes Healing: Cuts, Burns, Sores
  • Promotes faster healing of sprains and bruises
  • Sores heal without infection and with less scarring

Kitchen Applications


  • Hand washing 
  • Sanitize surfaces before and after cooking
  • Rinse dishes and cutlery to prevent cross contamination
  • Wash fruits, vegetables and meats to kill bacteria, pathogens and pesticide residue

Cut Flowers & Plants



  • Oxygenates and hydrates plants for better nutrient uptake
  • Prolongs the life of cut flowers

Resource Book for Ozone Water

The 20 Minute Miracle by Mike Casey

Dedicated to all the people who needlessly suffer from bacterial and viral infections. Mike Casey, Ozone For You, "It is my hope that this book finds its way into your hands. This book attempts to change the focus and narrative from the controversy surrounding ozone gas to the benefits of ozone water. The benefits of ozone water are undeniable, government-approved, and organic, yet most Americans have never heard of them." 

This book will educate you about the ways in which ozone water can benefit people, pets, and plants during the twenty minutes that activated oxygen remains activated. During that time, ozone water can help promote good health and wellness for people, pets, and plants in amazing ways.

You can now disinfect almost any surface, easily, safely and effectively. Think of the possibilities. If you are in a battle against bacteria, viruses, or mold, try ozone water. You can win the war against pathogens with “Superman” on your side.